Jonathan Dallas

Front End Web Developer

Portfolio Work

  • PRB World Population Data Sheet (link). Converted Illustrator designs into working HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I was able to reuse some of the exisiting JavaScript from 2014 to do the scrolling. Note: the Data Sheet section was built by a co-worker.
  • Brain Games - blinking circles. Are the inner circles blinking at the same time or alternating? Used JavaScript to switch an id value at a set interval. CSS then changes the color.
  • Experiment with responsive design of the NELUG website. This prototype was built as a mobile site that then adds content and high resolution images as the browser increases in size. JavaScript and media queries were used to create the affect.
  • Light weight product zoom widget designed to replace a Flash based version in an attempt to improve site performance. This prototype uses jQuery to display an element with a larger background image of the product over the smaller one. The position of the background image is then adjusted as you mouse over it.
  • Reskin of the Everest Poker website. Stakeholders wanted to quickly (2 weeks) update the look and feel of the entire Everest Poker website. I found a way with just using CSS and adjusting some of the CMS content to pull this off. A rough version was shown to them within an hour using just the Firebug console.
  • Promotion page for Laronda built within a Plone CMS content type field. Content type had two wysiwyg editor fields and a raw html field. CSS and JavaScript was placed in the raw html field to style the content. I also added an Easter egg for fun - click on the computer five times to see the Easter egg


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